About us

About us

Our mission statement is simple, we strive to provide a quality product, at a good price with excellent service for every customer, everytime. The best or nothing – now and for the next generation of riders.

Harley-Davidson® of Hong Kong seeks to consistently exceed the premium standards that local and international riders expect from Hong Kong establishments.

Born in Chai Wan in 2015, Harley-Davidson® of Hong Kong has quickly established itself as a premium full-service destination for Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts in Hong Kong and globally.

In time, the thriving Hong Kong motorcycle culture rallied around the flagship Harley-Davidson® of Hong Kong dealership in Chai Wan. The Chai Wan shop was to be unlike any motorcycle dealership yet built in Hong Kong in quality and design. In December 2015, we opened our Chai Wan dealership, and threw open our doors to riders far and wide. Harley-Davidson® of Hong Kong continues to define the possibility of what the Harley-Davidson® brand may look like in the future.

We serve as the exclusive and authoritative source of Harley-Davidson® in Hong Kong, providing a rich Hong Kong experience to our customers, while delivering an outstanding customer retail experience. Our Harley-Davidson® of Hong Kong dealership exists to fulfill dreams of personal freedom. We provide motorcycles and related products to make a positive difference in customers' lives.