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NitroFill now at Harley-Davidson

19 July 2018

NitroFill now at Harley-Davidson

NitroFill is a patented tyre inflation product from USA that replaces the air in your tyres to provide longer tyre life, enhanced safety and optimum fuel economy, unlike most systems which just adds nitrogen to the tyre, our system purges the air and moisture out first then refills with Nitrogen giving a 95-99.9% nitrogen purity.

NitroFill Nitrogen Features & Benefits
 Better Fuel Economy,
 Longer Tire Life, Enhanced Safety
 Smaller Carbon Footprint
 Maintains a steady tyre pressure over a longer period of time.

Apart from the direct benefits of nitrogen for m/c tyres, NitroFill offer a warranty program for customers tyres.
The warranty program essentially acts like an insurance program for your tyres and warrants most things that can damage or destroy a tyre like nails, rocks, potholes, etc. What this means is if your tyre is damaged and needs to be fixed or replaced NitroFill will pay the cost up to the warranty amount of $2340.

NitroFill Warranty features;
 Tyre Repair Coverage - maximum of three PRP / Patch Repair Plug repairs per tyre, spread evenly across the contact area. (we do not use inferior plug repairs)
 Tyre Replacement Coverage - when a repair isn't possible and a new tyre is required.
 Covers up to $2340 worth of repair or replacement work across the 12 months of warranty.
 Free Unlimited NitroFill top ups over the years cover.

Price Menu;
 Nitrofill conversion per bike $50
 Nitrofill 1 Year warranty cover costs $1288 and covers the bike or scooter up to $2340 worth of tyre repairs or cost of a replacement tyre with in that year.

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