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Harley-Davidson of Hong Kong x Gibson Guitars

12 August 2016

Harley-Davidson of Hong Kong x Gibson Guitars

Harley-Davidson x Gibson Brands Rockin’ Road Project
The free-spirited, passionately adventurous Harley-Davidson shares the same vision with the rock music giant Gibson Brands, as both legendary brands create innovative and sophisticated high quality products. For years, the two companies have not only provided impeccable, professional custom services that reflect the core values of both brands, but has also created unforgettable, bold, one of a kind designs throughout history. Both companies’ shared value for tradition, innovation and quality products is reflected in this new collaboration music project “Rockin’ Road” that hopes to not only help local music flourish but also bring everyone new, innovative music.
Josephine Lee, Marketing and PR Director of Harley-Davidson Hong Kong, expresses her gratitude towards the collaboration. “We are thrilled and honored to be part of this collaboration, as Harley-Davidson’s passion to fuel the freedom of self-expression and individuality can be shared and pursued alongside another legendary American brand. The aim of Rockin’ Road is to promote the development of local creative culture, a shared value that has guided us through the incubation process of the initiative. I am confident that the project will come to a successful conclusion.”
The Rockin’ Road project is scheduled to start in the second half of 2016, featuring music performances every two months in the Harley-Davidson Chai Wan showroom. Harley-Davidson and Gibson Brands will handpick the most talented young musicians, only bringing the most exceptional, distinctive music onto the stage. The first show will be held in late July, stay tuned on the Hong Kong Harley-Davidson Facebook page for more show details. (
Furthermore, the “Rockin’ Road” program is fortunate to enough to have the participation of local music guru, producer and designer Mark Lui, as Mr. Lui has custom designed a special guitar with Gibson Brands as a gift to Harley-Davidson. This one of a kind Gibson Custom electric guitar inspired by Harley-Davidson’s iconic motorcycle style will be displayed in the Harley-Davidson showroom in Chai Wan as commemoration of the successful collaboration between the two brands.

美國電單車品牌Harley-Davidson®隆重宣佈首次與著名結他品牌Gibson Brands合作,推出Rockin’ Road計劃培育本地音樂人材。

Harley-Davidson與Gibson Brands的音樂計劃將由2016下半年度開始,把設於柴灣的Harley-Davidson陳列室化為搖滾音樂舞台,每兩個月舉行一次音樂表演,讓眾本地音樂人在這個舞台發揮最瀟灑自信的一面,給觀眾帶來最能表達自己的音樂。

Harley-Davidson x Gibson Brands 年青音樂人計劃
象徵著追求自由、熱血勇敢的Harley-Davidson與搖滾音樂界的翹楚Gibson Brands擁抱著相同的信念:以匠心的細膩及創新的思維,創作歷久彌新的設計。兩品牌均擁有高級訂制服務,多年來以專業的工藝及態度,堅守的品牌的核心價值,為客人創造出多款獨一無二的設計。因為兩大品牌那既創新但又堅守核心價值的專業態度不謀而合,於2016年,Harley-Davidson及Gibson Brands終於在創新的音樂路上相遇,希望為本地音樂出一分綿力,推動本地音樂發展,為大家帶來更多更精彩的音樂。
Harley-Davidson香港代理商市場及公關總監李家欣小姐致感謝辭時分享:「Harley-Davidson一直著重個人主義及表達自我,而Gibson Brands這個充滿個性的品牌跟Harley-Davidson很相像,因此,Harley-Davidson對於這次合作感到很興奮同時亦很榮幸。我們攜手策劃Rockin’ Road計劃的理念為促進本地藝術創意文化,整個計劃的傾談過程十分順利,雙方的意見及目標一致。最後預祝我們的音樂會順利完滿舉行。」
Rockin’ Road計劃於2016年的下半年度,將於Harley-Davidson柴灣陳列室每兩個月舉行一次盛大的音樂會,由Harley-Davidson及Gibson Brands的代表精心挑選出最具潛力的年青音樂人,讓他們把自己最獨特的音樂帶到Harley-Davidson舞台,分享給本地搖滾樂迷。 首個音樂會將於七月下旬舉行,公演詳情將於香港Harley-Davidson Facebook 內公佈,請密切留意。(
此外,本地殿堂級音樂人及設計師雷頌德(Mark Lui)亦一同參與這次破天荒跨界合作。Gibson Brands邀請了Mark利用一支Gibson Custom高級訂制電結他,配合Harley-Davidson的電單車零件,設計成一支充滿硬朗個性的結他,贈送給Harley-Davidson作為是次計劃的紀念品。這支由Mark親手設計的Gibson Custom電結他將會

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